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Starting a Survival/ Bugout Group  


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So you want to start a group. Here is a guide to help you get started. 

1.Prepare yourself                                                                                                                                                                                                      
a. Define your reasons for
b. Define your goals and values
c. Who are you responsible for?
d. Complete your hazard
e. Where would you want to be
in a long term event
f. Work your plan

2.Look for others
a. Define what you are looking
for from others
b. Refer to chapter 1 for places
to find others
c. Begin speaking to others
d. Maintain privacy for both
e. Form alliances

a. Schedule meetings
b. Set group values
c. Build foundation
d. Select leadership model
e. Define roles

a. Group team building
b. Training sessions
c. Classes
d. Social events
e. Maintain/improve morale
f. Drills for readiness
g. Perform daily activities

5.Correct dysfunction
a. Improve communication
b. Reestablish roles
c. Remove problem members
6.Add members
a. Communicate group goals
b. Interview and vet candidates
c. Get member off to a good
d. Keep them interested

7.Understand surroundings
a. Link up with community
b. Link up with other groups
c. Establish positive image
d. Establish commerce as
e. Recognize threats

8.Manage threats
a. Gather Intel
b. Observe and control threats
c. Activate group as needed
d. Shelter in place
e. Evacuate as needed
f. Maintain secure profile


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